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15th Jul 2018

Some are actually claiming Daniel Flynn didn’t mean his goal against Monaghan

Patrick McCarry

Have they not seen enough of Daniel Flynn at this stage?

The Kildare forward added to his tally of superb scores with an early goal against Monaghan in the Super 8s clash at Croke Park.

The half forward has been in top form in recent weeks as the Lilywhites have gone on a winning run to reach the last eight. He kept up that hot streak and put his side 1-1 to 0-2 ahead with a sixth minute goal.

He burst onto the ball and left Darren Hughes in his wake. Keith Cribbin was in space and calling for the pass but Flynn backed himself.

Flynn drove on, faked to shoot, took a solo and then lobbed the ball over Rory Beggan.

While the praise was universal for Flynn’s goal, on social media and on Sky Sports match commentary, Tyrone legend Peter Canavan was not entirely convinced.

Canavan, on half-time punditry detail for Sky, suggested there may have been a mis-hit. He said:

“Was he going for a goal or for a point? Only Daniel Flynn knows.”

There is no doubt in our mind that the Lilywhites forward meant to go for goal.

Last year, the 23-year-old scored a superb point against Dublin that divided opinion. Some felt he knew exactly what he was doing with a sweet strike from out on the right flank.

Others felt he was aiming a pass at his teammate Cathal McNally but the ball veered over the bar instead.

That one may have caused some debate but there can surely be no doubt about his goal against Monaghan.

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