Kildare fans not happy with unpopular opinion on Daniel Flynn's score 11 months ago

Kildare fans not happy with unpopular opinion on Daniel Flynn's score

Did he mean it?

It would've been the easiest thing in the world for Kildare to fold but, inspired by Daniel Flynn, they rallied and made some kind of contest out of the Leinster final for a while.

At 2-4 to 0-1 down against a rampant Dublin outfit who were showing no mercy, you'd have been forgiven for thinking it was game over but the Lilywhites somehow worked themselves four points behind by the time the half time whistle blew at Croke Park.

Their first half comeback was capped by a marvellous Daniel Flynn effort when he barged and charged his way down the right flank and floated an audacious kick straight between the posts with the outside of his right boot.

Tearing down the Hogan Stand side of headquarters is one thing but bringing the whole place to their feet is another with a finish of pure quality.




Some people have taken the credit away from Daniel Flynn claiming that he was actually trying to drop a ball on top of Cathal McNally instead.

The Kildare number 15 was waiting at the edge of the square and Flynn appears to have a look inside before making his mind up to kick.

It looks like he's looking across himself and decides to launch it in.

The ball, of course, hits the outside of his boot and curls over spectacularly, intentional or not.

Now, perhaps Flynn just looked at who was inside and decided there was nothing else on so took the shot.

Perhaps he was trying to drop it in.

Maybe he thought he'll either create havoc with a ball like that or it will go over anyway.


Maybe we should stop trying to play down a beautiful point in an otherwise bad day for Kildare.

Some were suspicious of his intentions though.

Others were having none of that chat.

The best scores are always disputed. Because they're such anomalies.

Whatever you make of it, this was one of the best.

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