Monumental wind causes havoc in Healy Park for Dublin v Tyrone 10 months ago

Monumental wind causes havoc in Healy Park for Dublin v Tyrone

For a moment, it looked like Dean Rock's right footed swinger was going straight over the black spot.

Then the Healy Park breeze intervened and it wasn't long before the ball was landing...about 40 yards away from the goals.

Storm Jorge caused havoc all over this island on Saturday with games falling by the wayside left, right and centre and Dublin v Tyrone was only a couple of minutes old when it became fairly clear, that this game should have gone with the wind too.

An early sideline camera angle showed that every step taken on the Healy Park grass was sinking like a heavyweight in quicksand. Ryan Basquel, somehow defied the inclement conditions to strike a bullet to Niall Morgan's net a couple of moments later, but the poor umpire never had to work as hard to find the green flag.

Those are treacherous conditions out there.


It got worse not better. Darren McCurry thought he had pointed a trademark curler, as did many of the brave crowd in attendance but the umpires were being blown all over the place and could be excused for an unsure decision.

Then, Niall Morgan stepped up to hit a free-kick only for the ball to be blown off its spot by the blowing gales. What a nightmare of an evening for players trying to make an impression.

But the best (worst) came in the 11th minute when Dean Rock hit the sweet spot. The wind caught it good, and the ball landed wildly in the terrace.

Crazy conditions for a GAA game.