Conor Corbett's heroics in dying seconds win the All-Ireland for Cork 11 months ago

Conor Corbett's heroics in dying seconds win the All-Ireland for Cork

Conor Corbett doesn't know when he's beaten.

Four weeks ago, Cathal O'Mahony stood over the toppled Dublin and declared words so fitting of Cork's All-Ireland under-20 triumph.

"We're dogs,' he said.

"Dogs that fight in a pack.

"So we just kept our pack going and we kept our county going."

On Sunday, in the minor final, the Rebels would've been forgiven for losing hope in the cause on at least three occasions.

By half time, they had registered just five points and were struggling to find a way through a strong and packed Galway defence.

It wasn't until Jack Cahalane produced an elegant pirouette in heart of the lion's den to stab one in off the net that they really began steaming.

But despite that one resurrection, Cork looked to have lost their grip on the title when Daniel Cox ripped through the Rebel rearguard and unleashed an almighty thunderbastard that threatened to burst a hole in the Canal End netting.

Down but not out, Cork rallied but, buoyed by Cox's skill, Galway struck again.

Niall Cunningham in the 63rd minute. Good night, Irene.

And then, Conor Corbett.

Then, football at its breathtaking best.

In eight frantic minutes, the game turned on its head so much it lost control.

Closing stages

56' - Cork 1-11 Gal 0-12
57' - Galway goal
60' - Cork 1-12 Gal 1-12
61' - Galway point
62' - Cork point
63' - Galway goal
64' - Cork goal

And Cork would've been dead and buried if it wasn't for one young man dripping of clutch.

1-7 was what Conor Corbett finished with on the day, his last-second heroics rescuing Cork with a bout of extra time as they powered home from there, 3-20 to 3-14 champions.

Minor champions.

Under-20 champions.

Cork are coming.