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26th Sep 2016

Cork manager emphatically rules out replaying All-Ireland final and tells Dubs to ‘suck it up’

Mikey Stafford

With Dublin officials meeting Monday morning to discuss whether or not to seek a replay, Cork’s victorious ladies football manager has emphatically ruled out the possibility.

Ephie Fitzgerald replaced the legendary Eamonn Ryan as manager of the dominant Cork ladies footballers this year, but there was no sign of any callow first year nerves as he went on Cork’s Red FM Monday morning to dismiss the idea of a replay following Carla Rowe’s seemingly kosher point being waved wide by umpires.

The fact the Ladies Gaelic Football Association decided against using Hawk-Eye is a major bone of contention, but Fitzgerald dismisses this, saying everybody was well aware the score detection system would not be in use.

Unsurprisingly, Fitzgerald’s view is the polar opposite of Dublin boss Gregory McGonigle.

“Gregory’s very quick to talk but as far as I’m concerned, we’re All-Ireland champions and that’s that,” said Fitzgerald, as reported by Jackie Cahill on

“They were on about Hawk-Eye and what not (but) I don’t believe their penalty was a penalty and we could have had one earlier on

“You take the game on its merits – there are two umpires and the referee has two linesmen.

“If they said the ball was wide, then you have to take…we’ve lost matches over the years, I know myself, with decisions like that.”

Fitzgerald was adamant there would not be a replay and told the Dubs to “suck it up”.

“The fact that there’s no Hawk-Eye there isn’t down to us, that’s down to the powers that be. There won’t be any rematch, from my knowledge, and I asked yesterday.

“I asked the LGFA and there’s absolutely not, no. The referee’s report is final and that’s that. It’s over.

“I haven’t seen it (Rowe point) but you just have to suck it up obviously.”

“They’ve lost their third final in a row and that’s very disappointing for them but that’s outside our control, we get on with what we do. Dublin kicked 16 wides yesterday, they have to look at themselves.”

He’s honest, at least. May not be getting the freedom of Dublin any time soon. But he is honest.

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