Conor McManus' performances have Australians asking clubs to make an approach 5 years ago

Conor McManus' performances have Australians asking clubs to make an approach

What Conor McManus can do with a football should never be taken for granted.

In an era of athleticism and defence, he has consistently and beautifully managed to elevate himself above the trenches that players have been trying to drag him into his whole life.


Even with a naturally light make-up, McManus has railed against the modern day changes. He put weight on himself - over a stone and a half - and he kept polishing off the skills of the game to such an extent that it meant no muscle or blanket could stop him.

As a ball-winner, there's no-one better. As a kicker, there's no-one better.

For a second successive campaign, the Monaghan man finished the International Rules series as the Irish player of the series.


In 2015, he won the GAA Medal and, again on Saturday, he was honoured in defeat.

In total, McManus hit 40 points in two games - far and away the top scorer of either country.

Despite racking up no major six-pointers by hitting the net, he split the posts 12 times in one of the most intense games on the planet.

  • First test - 24 points (0-7-3)
  • Second test - 16 points (0-5-1)

In six games in the International Rules, he's scored 97 points - an average of over 16 per game.

But it's the flight of the ball when it leaves his foot, it's the curve of the thing. Every time it's like he has already mapped out its path and the ball simply follows it within the tramlines that McManus has pre-planned.


At 29 years of age, the forward's star continues to shine even brighter and brighter with each passing season but, as he keeps producing on the international stage, international heads keep turning.

For a fourth series in a row, the Farney man finished as the top scorer of either nation.


If they didn't come before, plenty of people want them to come now.

Sorry folks, he's Ireland's greatest tourist attraction. You'll have to relocate to enjoy this prime bit of real estate.