These new hurleys are going to divide the country 8 months ago

These new hurleys are going to divide the country

This is pure hurling porn...

You may remember the composite hurley that Reynolds Hurling introduced to the world last year.

The recyclable hurley that was initially founded to help respond to the outbreak of ash dieback that ravaged most of Ireland's Ash supplies.

coloured hurley

There simply was no cure until they came along.

Since their launch in 2017, the company has gone from strength to strength and has now sold more than 7,000 hurleys worldwide. It has been a huge hit in Ireland, as well as America and Australia.

Reynold's Hurling have now gone one step further, launching a new range of coloured hurleys.

Yes, you heard that right... coloured hurleys!

coloured hurley

The new range is set to further aid the growth of the ambitious indigenous startup. Managing Director, Barry Reynolds commented on the new range, highlighting the sheer demand for something like this to be introduced.

"The demand for personalised hurleys has been increasing for some time, and now with various colours, people can take this one step further.

"This is a bold move and might not please the purists, but this is a growing market and modern market, which we have to respond to. 

"We have been blown away with the response thus far, and we look forward to an exciting and busy period for the products."

coloured hurley

However, it's hard enough for hurling purists to come to terms with the fact that not all hurleys are made with ash. We feel the introduction of the new range may be a step too far for some.

Whilst it may divide a nation, you can't deny how class they look!

The coloured hurleys are all made in Ireland and are available to buy here, as well as at various stores across the country.