Colm Cavanagh reveals how high demands in Tyrone lead to some training ground bust-ups 2 years ago

Colm Cavanagh reveals how high demands in Tyrone lead to some training ground bust-ups

"It’s just that intense environment."

It happens in every club and every county from time to time. Team mates, often best friends and even brothers, come to blows over a disagreement on the training ground.


After Saturday's final, Niall Morgan revealed that himself and Cathal McShane would have had a few arguments in the past.

Speaking on the GAA Hour, Colm Parkinson reads out an interesting quote from that interview with Morgan.

"Niall Morgan said on Cathal McShane after the game, 'He’s a bit of an enigma, he’s marmite, people don’t know how to take him at times. Me and him would have fights nearly every night at training, I’ll tell you one thing, he’ll get a big kiss tonight.'

"Is McShane marmite like that? I wouldn’t have known that about him."


Former Tyrone star, and 2008 All-Ireland winner, Colm Cavanagh, was also on the show and revealed that there would be a truth to that claim.

"I know him and Morgan would be fighting in training quite regularly." 

"I remember coming off a pitch in 2018, just before the All-Ireland final maybe, and we had done a training session and him and Niall Sludden cut lumps off each other after the training session, and the two of them were sharing a room with each other that same night.

"But look, yeah, obviously two very passionate lads, it’s just the way they carry themselves, they demand high standards which can lead to probably a few arguments down the road, but you get that with any team. 


"I’m sure Alan would tell you there’s been plenty of rows in the Dublin camp over the years, so it’s just that intense environment, but yeah… I’ll leave it at that.