When a club player texts the manager by mistake 2 years ago

When a club player texts the manager by mistake

It happens.

You want to bitch about someone, their name is on your mind, you write directly to them.

You get a message that annoys you, you reply to that same message.

WhatsApp and smart phones make it worse. You can read a text at the top of your screen whilst you're writing another, things get messy.


The GAA is no stranger to this kind of thing.

Let's be honest, club players are asked to do way too much. Don't sleep that long, don't sleep too little. Don't eat that or drink those or talk to anyway outside of your "circle of trust". Think about the game and think about it again and again and do not, whatever you do, f**k up.


So players are entitled to vent with each other every now and again but, when they text their manager instead of their team mate, that's when it gets damn funny for everyone else.

It's almost as bad when you're the guy supposed to receive the text but the manager gets it instead. By sitting innocently minding your own business, you're incriminated and you look like you're part of the bitching - which you probably are but at least you were more discreet and careful about your bitching. More polite.

There are plenty of examples of this sort of thing happening in clubs all over the country. Here are three that we know of.

Manager enforces drink ban, club player gets caught breaking it

He made it easy to get caught in fairness.


Some people enjoy reserves more anyway.

Others try to cover up their mistake

And it doesn't matter how desperate they come across.


Others just have a meltdown and leave themselves with no way out


And these people are in every club.