Austin Gleeson sent off as Seamus Harnedy stands up again with an absolute stormer 1 year ago

Austin Gleeson sent off as Seamus Harnedy stands up again with an absolute stormer

Cork 2-22 Waterford 1-19

Cork had fire in the bellies and ice in the minds in Walsh Park today, and after three torrential weeks, that was what kept them alive in this championship.


They always say that a wounded animal is a dangerous animal and the Rebels were like cut cats today. They were hungry, they were angry, they were deadly and, having had their desire questioned, their fight questioned and anything you can think of questioned, they answered every single question today.

"There's a bit of fight in the old dog yet," said Donal Óg Cusack for a finish and try as you might, you'd find it very hard to argue with him.

Because this was a different Cork team today and after all these years, after all he's done and even at 32 years of age, it was still the same stalwart who led the way to  redemption. Seamus Harnedy was in one of the moods that, from the very start, it was clear that he wasn't going to walk off that field without restoring a bit of pride.

By the end, he had scored five points from play and it was the last one, seconds after he'd caught a Patrick Collins puck-out, that will be the defining image of the day. Harnedy finished his point, he finished Waterford off and then he jumped into the sky like a man who knew he'd stood up to the test.


"Cork know a bit about fighting, they know a bit about competing. You wouldn't think that from some of the stuff in the media in the last while," added Donal Óg. Again, hard to argue.

So, now, it's open season. The omens, the mood, the aura and all of those above things, prior to this game, were all good for Waterford - they couldn't have been much better - but the irony for them is that they're now in the exact same position as Cork.

With one game to play and in desperate need for a win.

It's hard to know if it was a game-changer for them but it certainly didn't help that, for a second time this year, Austin Gleeson was given his marching orders in the closing minutes. The camera didn't quite catch all that went on between himself and Robert Downey but James Owens didn't hesitate. Gleeson was already on a yellow and the referee booked both men.


The hunch is that Cork were going to win anyway, especially with Harnedy hurling like he was. So we'll leave the last word to him.

"I have fierce faith in this group. I have always believed in this group. Most of those young lads have more All-Ireland medals than me and I have fierce faith in them. Sometimes you have to keep the outside noise out.