Ashling Thompson's gym routine features four handy exercises 4 years ago

Ashling Thompson's gym routine features four handy exercises

No short-cuts here, just a lot of dumbbells.

Having started off with a hurley in her hand at the age of six, Ashling Thompson has lived and breathed camogie for over 20 years but is showing no signs of slowing down, or easing off.


The three-time All-Ireland winner and two-time All Star is one of the most recognisable faces her sport and she has won the respect of fans and peers with a string of impressive, whole-hearted performances over the past decade at the top.

Thompson took some time out from her on-field pursuits to share some work-out exercises that she feels have added immensely to her game.

"I'm going to be focusing on my upper-body work-out," she begins, "as I feel it's important to have a strong upper body when you play in a midfield position."



To start off her work-out, Thompson opts for five minutes on the rowing machine. And then the real fun begins.

1. Dumbbell bench press

"This focuses on my shoulders, chest and triceps."


2. Dumbbell shoulder press

The focus here is on shoulders, of course, and traps [trapezius muscle].

3. Inverted row


"It's a pull exercises, focusing on my back."

4. Renegade roll

"This is a multi-purpose exercises, focusing on my back, shoulders and arms."


Those exercises should certainly see you right.

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