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14th Feb 2023

Aidan Forker: Refusal to play games would see GAA “scramble” to pay expenses

Lee Costello

GAA expenses

“The GPA need to be stronger.”

Armagh star Aidan Forker has claimed that the GAA would “scramble” to pay expenses if the players threatened to not play at the weekend.

The battle between the GAA and the players regarding payment of expenses is still rumbling on and becoming more and more fierce.

Armagh’s Aidan Nugent took to Twitter yesterday to vent his outrage and frustration that players are yet to receive any payments this season.

GAA expenses

@gaelicplayers– Inter County training officially allowed back on 24th November and players haven’t received 1 penny of expenses up to this point,” Nugent tweeted.

“Players (especially student athletes with no other income) are out a lot of money in the middle of a cost of living crisis.

“There’s not enough being said about it. Players generate massive amounts of money each year for the GAA, the least were owed is the expenses that we get promised, paid on time.”

Armagh teammate and former captain of the Orchard county has backed up his fellow county man and has suggested that if players were to boycott games, then things would quickly get sorted.

“If we threatened not to bother playing at the weekend they’d soon scramble to get the system up and going instead of citing ‘technical updates with WebExpense system,’ Forker told the Armaghi.

“[The GPA – Gaelic Players’ Association] need to be stronger on getting this sorted. Significant financial issues for students especially!”

The GPA informed members on Monday that they have reached out to GAA officials in Croke Park over the issue.

“The GPA will continue to push centrally with Croke Park to ensure all squads are up and running asap as it is not acceptable for players still to be out of pocket for expenses at this stage,” the group said.

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