Antrim man produces finest goal-line clearance Gaelic football has ever seen 3 years ago

Antrim man produces finest goal-line clearance Gaelic football has ever seen

Odhrán Eastwood is in the Matrix.

In mathematics, the Matrix theory describes an organisational structure in which two or more lines of command, responsibility, or communication may run through the same individual. In Armagh on Saturday night, Odhrán Eastwood was that individual through which everything and anything was possible.


Antrim's Naomh Éanna stormed into the Ulster intermediate football final with a 0-13 to 1-8 win over Tattyreagh with three points coming from the boot of their number 14. In a two-point game, every score was crucial and every single one of Eastwood's counted, but so too did his contribution at the other end.

You see, it wasn't just a spectacular shot the St. Enda's forward had on him - one of his frees, for example, bringing the stand to their feet with an absolute beauty on the right sideline with the outside of his right boot.

Eastwood was at the other end too clearing off his line when the ball was headed for the empty net.

Tattyreagh thought they had a goal - and they would have, too, in a normal game - when big Damian Mullan rose up beneath the posts and got above the 'keeper to flick goalwards across a deserted line. A section of the Tyrone contingent were already celebrating because Mullan had executed to perfection but this wasn't a match following the normal laws and logic that we'd usually associate with this realm.

These were 60 minutes being controlled totally by Odhrán Eastwood who was seeing these things unfolding before they happened and who was interfering with and manipulating the natural order of things whenever he wanted to.

So as Mullan palmed to goal, Tattyreagh arms in the air, full forward Eastwood had ghosted in behind to volley off the line with a flush clean strike off his right laces.


The full video put out by the ever-brilliant Antrim GAA showed the heartbreak Eastwood drew and the disbelief from a man like Mullan who couldn't have done any better and wouldn't have done any differently had he been given the chance again.

The 'keeper was beaten, the ball is headed over the line, the number 14 arrives from nowhere to volley away with just inches to spare.


That's how you win provincial championships. Every inch of second in every round counts. Odhrán Eastwood respects that.

The Glengormley natives will be back in the Athletic Grounds on Saturday week to take on Cavan champions Mullahoran who came through the other semi-final after a free kick shootout.