Anthony Joshua joins Tyrone 4 Sam movement but jersey definitely isn't player-fit 5 years ago

Anthony Joshua joins Tyrone 4 Sam movement but jersey definitely isn't player-fit

How did that old song used to go?

C'mon Tyrone
You're on your own
And you'll never bring the Sam Maguire home


That's what we used to love singing in Derry anyway. We used to cling onto it even when the Red Hands were on the rise, we still had one All-Ireland and they had none.

Well, things have changed.

Mickey Harte arrived, Sam agreed to go home with Tyrone three different times and now here they are flirting in all of our faces again. Shamelessly too.

To make it worse, Tyrone aren't even on their own anymore. Nope, they've recruited help. They've recruited bloody heavyweight help.


Thanks to AIB's The Toughest Trade installments, we've been seeing more and more sports stars make the switch to football and excelling at it too.

Welsh rugby legend Shane Williams kicked four points for Michael Murphy's Glenswilly and won the admiration of all Donegal Gaels.


Former NFL player Roberto Wallace arrived in the west of Ireland and took up Aidan O'Shea's spot in the Breaffy team and he too covered himself in glory.

But they were at least field sports players. They played their sports with balls - not that Anthony Joshua doesn't display his gonads every night he steps into the ring.


Now though, the boxing superstar who has taken his world by storm has nailed his colours to the mast and joined in on the Ulster men's bid for their first All-Ireland title since 2008.

He looks the part in the jersey too.

Connor McAliskey, Tyrone's star forward from their run to the Ulster title last year, posted the picture of the heavyweight champ and he looks menacing.


The Clonoe man has been desperately unfortunate to have missed the entire season with a cruciate injury he sustained back in January but he is still going to be a huge part in plans going forward. Perhaps Joshua can fill in for now.

The jersey is said to be XXL but, let's face it, Anthony Joshua doesn't need to worry about player-fit or any of that nonsense.