An empty Hill 16 could be the reason for Dublin's lacklustre performances 1 year ago

An empty Hill 16 could be the reason for Dublin's lacklustre performances

"Hill 16 can turn against them at times."

A lot has been made of Dublin's lacklustre performances in the championship so far, and tomorrow they face their toughest challenge yet coming up against a firing Mayo side.


Many are seeing this as Mayo's best chance to topple the mighty Dubs, and put an end to this all-conquering side that has dominated football for so long.

One interesting factor, that may be a reason for The Blue's lack of form, is the unusually quiet Hill 16, that has been empty in recent games due to COVID-19.

Speaking on the GAA Hour, Colm Parkinson breaks down the impact of Hill 16, and the part it plays for not just the Dublin team, but the opposition as well.

"Philly McMahon has been talking about an empty Hill 16, and Ger Brennan and Alan Brogan have been saying that Dublin seem a bit bored or something.

"It's hard to even get your head around that, but they've been doing the same thing for a long time now, and they're winning and they need some sort of a spark maybe, and there's no Hill 16.


"Last year they did get through the championship, they won a handy enough All-Ireland, but everyone was just glad to have a championship, it was in the middle of winter, and maybe that was a novelty in itself.

"Now they're in the summer, and that compares to the last summer championship, and it's not the same, no Hill 16."

Philly McMahon said: "When you look across and see Hill 16 empty, you get the sense of 'wouldn't it be great to have fans there?' You think about how much energy it would give everybody, not just us but the opposing team as well."

Parkinson was keen to point out that it definitely favours one side more than the other.


"Now it doesn't give the opposing team as much energy as it gives Philly, but I remember back in the noughties when Armagh were beating Dublin and Tyrone were beating Dublin, when they quietened Hill 16.

"I've been on Hill 16 when Dublin aren't performing and that is not a nice place for the players, you're hearing whistles, you're hearing your own supporters jeering you, so Hill 16 can turn against them at times.

"Maybe that's what Philly's talking about, but there's nothing better than hearing Hill 16 quiet."


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