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06th Aug 2021

A new hairstyle craze is taking over the GAA and we don’t know what to think about it

Lee Costello

Business at the front, party at the back.

Billy Ray Cyrus probably perfected the look a few decades ago, but for some reason, unbeknownst to anyone, the mullet is making a comeback, and the GAA are leading the way.

We aren’t talking about veteran players who are maybe just very old school, this is a craze that young GAA players are currently rocking, and it certainly grows on you.

Offaly’s u20 star Cormac Egan absolutely stole the show against Dublin in their Leinster final with his blistering pace and wonderful post-match interview, but most of all, his incredible hair.

You could spot him a mile off on the pitch, so naturally your eye is drawn to him, and then it’s even better when it turns out that the kid is an absolute baller as well.


Then we saw Down beat Monaghan in the U20 Ulster final, and it was already a completely gripping game that pretty much had everything – or at least you thought it had.

When the Mournemen made a substitute late on in the game, you were just expecting one slick fade haircut to come on for another, but this took everyone by surprise.

Normally, it takes a few minutes for a sub to make any sort of impact, but Shea Croskey pretty much demanded you stopped and take notice with the mullet of all mullets.

The youngsters are leading the way, but it has filtered its way through to senior championship football.

There is no bigger challenge, no bigger task and no bigger test for yourself, than when you play this current Dublin team, in a championship game at Croke Park.

You are an underdog straight from the off, it sounds harsh but all eyes are on the Dublin players, as Hill 16 look for yet more silverware, and neutrals everywhere look for chinks in their armour to restore some hope of a different All-Ireland winner.

However, when Kildare lined out against them in the Leinster final, your attention was quickly snatched away from the sky blue machines, to one player in lily-white.

Shea Ryan could be seen making tackles, popping off passes, and all while this bundle of hair flopped up and down.

Traditionalists don’t like it, mothers don’t like it, but you can’t escape the fact that they’re standing out, and all puns aside – it really does grow on you.