22-year-olds playing in under-21 final in Galway this weekend 6 months ago

22-year-olds playing in under-21 final in Galway this weekend

Some of them are pushing on 23.

By the time the 2017 under-21 championship will be finished in Galway, the 2019 GAA season will already be a week old.

Where else would you get it?

This Saturday, December 15 2018, and a Galway under-21 A hurling final throws in at Carnmore. Not this year's one, would you stop jumping the gun, sure there's the whole of 2019 to take care of that.

The 2017 championship has to be decided first, but that's not even the best part.

So, Turloughmore and Liam Mellows are going at it with the 2017 crown the prize this weekend and even though calendar years don't usually matter much when it comes to running championships in Galway - the 2018 championship is already on the go and, you guessed it, Turloughmore have already been knocked out of it.

So the club's under-21s for this year are finished up, while their class of 2017 are still going, despite the fact that any of the lads on the age are already 22 and are edging towards their 23rd birthdays.

Trying to find excuses for a delay of that length is like trying to get a table in Galway on race-week but Liam Mellows' journeys to the last two county hurling finals gives the county a little bit of leverage, until you realise that Galway has such form for things like this.

The under-21 B final for 2017 between Killimor and Killimordaly took place only a couple of weeks ago in Ballinasloe. The 2017 under-21 football final took place in 2018 in the county also.

When you consider that their senior hurlers don't have any provincial campaign to worry about, you'd have to wonder what they do be at out in the wild west.