19 goals in one football game in Antrim 3 years ago

19 goals in one football game in Antrim

Football is alive and well.

Last seen flourishing in Antrim, happy and healthy.


They enjoy their ball in the Saffron county, so much so that, on Tuesday night, All Saints Ballymena and Tír na nÓg Randalstown amassed a total of 76 points, sharing 19 goals and 19 white flags and treating the spectators to an absolute feast of shooting.

43-33 was the final score as All Saints ran out winners in the Division One clash of the All County Minor Football League.

11-10 for the home side in Ballymena. Randalstown's 8-9 was never going to be enough, was it?


That's how they do it in Antrim, take your goals and your points will come.

All Saints finished the day having raised more green flags than white and they now sit in second in the table, incredibly as just the third highest scorers in the top division.



That was the last game of the league series and what a way to wrap it up. Pure football, pure joy.

St. Mary's Aghagallon finished on top of the pile.