Watch: New rules trialed in challenge match as three handpass law is flagged 3 years ago

Watch: New rules trialed in challenge match as three handpass law is flagged

RTE have captured some footage of Gaelic Football's new rule changes being trialed in a UCD challenge match.

Last week the GAA passed four out of five experimental rule changes with the restricted use of the hand-pass, the sideline kick, the introduction of the ‘sin bin’ and the advanced mark all sanctioned by the association at an Ard Chomhairle meeting of the GAA in Croke Park.


The GAA also amended a version of the kick-out proposal that will see all kick-outs take place from the 20m line without having to pass the 45m line.

The experimental rule changes will be trialed in pre-season competitions run by the provincial councils and the Allianz Football Leagues but RTE captured some of the changes in effect with UCD called for exceeding the three-handpass rule.


Meanwhile the Gaelic Players Association have expressed a deep concern about the new rule changes and GAA President John Horan said that he would sit down with GPA counterpart Paul Flynn to discuss the matter upon his return from Philadelphia where he will travel with the All Star football team.

“They’ve asked me for a meeting and I’ve agreed to meet them," Horan told reporters. "We’ll finalise that. Obviously I’m going to Philadelphia but I’ve agreed with Paul Flynn that the two of us will sit down and have a meeting.

“We’ll have a discussion and see but look, Central Council have made a decision, we’re not a kneejerk organisation, where Central Council are going to turn around and make an immediate change to decisions they’ve adopted.

“I think if I sit down with Paul, we’ll come to a resolution on all of this, I think it’ll be sorted. I’m not too worried.”