17-year-old Antrim starlet scored 4-4 from play in under-21 Championship 1 year ago

17-year-old Antrim starlet scored 4-4 from play in under-21 Championship

Dominic McEnhill will be heard tell of.

It takes something special for a 17-year-old to do it against a bunch of 21-year-olds.

It's a challenge that faces lots of teens from rural clubs. The under-21 team are stuck for numbers, and look to the cream of their minors, or in this case, under-17s to play in the last few positions available.

Sometimes it can be the best thing that under-21 team can do. Their youngsters are exuberant, they have no fears, no inhibitions, they're raw, but they're up for the challenge facing them.

Some lads aren't quite ready for it. Some of them revel in it. Dominic McEnhill is revelling in it for his club O'Donovan Rossa in Antrim.

McEnhill wasn't just thrown in by his club, though. He's a weapon that they were dying to use.

McEnhill played full forward for the Antrim minor football team in their Ulster campaign this year, showing well in their extra-time victory over Donegal, and their semi-final loss to Derry, and the youngster has shown that he's well able to mix it with the big boys in his club's under-21 campagin so far.

Rossa took on Dunloy in an early round of the Saffron under-21 club Championship recently, and the full forward went to town against players two, three, and even four years older than him.

The favourites for the Saffron under-21 Championship got off to a flier. Their fervent full-forward got off to a flier.

After 60 minutes of action, he had notched 4-5, with all bar one of these scores coming from play in what was a truly terrorising display.

This display came just six days after he scored six points in the county minor A final, in which he was crucial to guiding his club to a victory over Aghagallon, according to the Saffron Gael.

McEnhill will be hoping to guide his club to the minor, under-21 football Championship double in the coming weeks, but football isn't his only ball game.

He has represented the Antrim hurlers at an underage level on many occasions in the past, and last year won the Ulster under-16 poc fada event.

One to watch.