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17th Dec 2016

Zlatan Ibrahimovic takes credit for Phil Jones’ fitness in yet another gem of a post-match interview

"You're welcome!"

Darragh Murphy

Even if he hits a dip in form and starts struggling to find the net, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still going to be pursued by interviewers for his post-match thoughts because, well, he’s television gold.

Liable to say absolutely anything, Ibrahimovic is frequently sought out by interviewers to grace them with his presence in the moments following a Manchester United game and it’s not difficult to see why.

The Swedish legend already enjoys some special chemistry with fellow Mino Raiola client, Paul Pogba, and when the pair are presented with microphones, they simply steal the show.

But Ibrahimovic can carry anybody in an interview. Just ask Wayne Rooney, who is not renowned for his on-mic skills.

This week it was the turn of Phil Jones to share the spotlight with the enigmatic centre-forward and, yet again, Ibrahimovic did not disappoint.

The BT Sport interviewer, Des Kelly, spoke to both players following United’s 2-0 victory over West Brom on Saturday evening and Ibrahimovic came out with another beaut.

After Jones had been congratulated on returning to fitness and staying injury free for an extended period of time, a feeling that the defender may not be altogether familiar with, Ibrahimovic perked up and jokingly took credit for Jones’ consistency.

Interviewer to Jones: There’s been a great story for you as well, because you’ve come back this season. With all those injuries you’ve had in the last couple of seasons, it must feel fantastic to be back playing consistently.
Ibrahimovic: You’re welcome.

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