World Cup fans complain that accommodation is 'flooded with sewage' 2 months ago

World Cup fans complain that accommodation is 'flooded with sewage'

The fans say they want to leave early.

A group of Australian fans have said they want to leave the World Cup early due to the conditions of their accommodation.


While the World Cup has been a mixed bag on the pitch - with plenty of 0-0 draws and shocks - supporters have also experienced the good and the bad.

Just days before fans were due to arrive in Qatar the country announced that those attending would not be allowed to drink in the stadium, despite initially claiming that they would allow it.

The accommodation has also been a huge talking point with fans paying extortionate fees in order to stay. Some fans were even forced to sleep rough on their night of arrival after being told their accommodation wasn't going to be ready in time.

Those fans were offered refunds or a change of accommodation free of charge however others are still experiencing plenty of issues.


As per the Daily Maila group of fans - many of them Australian - have complained of "flooding" which has included "sewage" in their rooms for two days.

It's gotten to the point where the conditions are so bad that they are contemplating leaving the Gulf State early.

"Anyone else in the fan villages having a horrible experience? Leakage in the bathroom causing flooding, no hot water, customer service have been overrun with people's complaints," said one fan.

Another added: "We are in the Baraw village and our apartment has been flooded with sewage two days in a row. That said, they reckon they have now fixed it and there are a team of cleaners here but they also said that yesterday.


"We gave up and found accommodation elsewhere."

Others have even compared conditions to being "on par with a refugee camp."