WATCH: Shakhtar Donetsk vs Dynamo Kiev marred by 30-man brawl 6 years ago

WATCH: Shakhtar Donetsk vs Dynamo Kiev marred by 30-man brawl

This brawl from the Ukrainian Premier League puts the one's we see in English football to... well, shame isn't the right word, I suppose.

Things kicked off in a big way during the clash between Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kiev at the weekend when the majority of the players on the pitch plus several others became some way involved in a mass brawl.


The fracas began directly after former Arsenal striker Eduardo made it 3-0 to Shakhtar. Some of the Dynamo players didn't take too kindly to how their rivals were celebrating the goal and decided to confront them over it.

That was enough to escalate the situation as players and officials from the sideline swarmed in to either try to break up the brawl, or maybe just to join in.

Soon there were mini-brawls began branching off and one fan topped it all off by firing a flare down from the stands onto the pitch.

Unsurprisingly, the referee showed the red card to three players after the incident. If you ask us (which the Ukrainian FA aren't for some inexplicable reason), they were lucky the official left it at just a trio of sending offs.


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