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23rd Apr 2015

VIDEO: Ronaldo comes within inches of running down the world’s stupidest football fan

What an idiot

Kevin McGillicuddy

Get this man a Darwin award

If you don’t know what a Darwin is then they are awards given out every year for people who mange to kill themselves by an act of stupidity, and therefore improving the global gene pool.

They”re pretty heartless awards at times, but in fairness they do show up the incredible foolishness that human beings are guilty of every single day on this wonderful planet.

And this morning in Spain we almost had a shoo-in for a 2015 award as an idiotic football fan played a game of chicken with Ronaldo’s very large and fast Bentley and almost lost.

The former Manchester United man was on his way into the club’s training facility when a fan with a flag stepped out in front of the car and is almost mown down by the winger.

It doesn’t look like Ronaldo was going to stop so the fan did the sensible thing and stepped out of the way…but only just.

It’s footballers that are meant to be a little bit thick-not fans.