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VIDEO: Roy Keane gives rousing speech to Irish amputee football team ahead of World Cup
Keano is not the curmudgeonly cartoon of a man that some make him out to be

Roy Keane has the SportsJOE staff ready for to fight anyone after his motivational speech to the Irish amputee football team.

The Ireland assistant manager gave us an Irishman's version of Al Pacino's team-talk  from Any Given Sunday to get the Irish squad geed up for their trip to Mexico to partake in the Amputee Football World Cup at the end of the month.

The former Ireland captain proves himself to be a genuinely nice guy at the start of the video which shows him take the time out to speak to the side who will take on Brazil, Ukraine and Uzbekistan in the group stages of the tournament.

What a way to get a team in the right frame of mind for competition.


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