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25th Apr 2015

VIDEO: Late drama as Xabi Alonso and Dante take on free kick specialists

Just look at Alonso go

Darragh Murphy

Not only are Xabi Alonso and Dante Bayern Munich’s best free kick takers but they’re also the two coolest men in Germany.

And they put their set-piece mettle to the test againstĀ Freekickerz,Ā a German group of specialists who show off their football skills on YouTube.

After all four miss their first attempt, late drama ensues as the professionals look to save face against their challengers and, all the while, our hearts are aflutter at the sight of Xabi Alonso.

We think it’d have been made a lot trickier if Manuel Neuer between the posts but, hey, far be it for us to pick holes in the challenge.

We’re just saying we could do it without a bother, that’s all.

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