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23rd Mar 2015

Video: Javier Mascherano’s behaviour in El Clasico was pretty embarrassing

Either that or there was a sniper on the loose in Camp Nou last night

Robert Redmond

Not everything on show at El Clasico was world class.

The highest profile fixture in club football was played last night. Barcelona v Real Madrid, featuring the best players in the world and two bittely opposed club, in front of almost 100,000 spectators and millions watching at home, was a great spectacle.

There was the incredible mosaic on display before the game, a wonderfully worked equaliser for Real Madrid, finished by Cristiano Ronaldo after a cheeky back heel from Karim Benzema, and Luis Suarez’s fantastic winning goal.

Then Javier Mascherano had to go and stink the place out with this carry on.

The Barcelona midfielder got into a tangle with Ronaldo, taking the forward out with a tactical foul before the Madrid forward raises his foot slightly, brushing off Mascherano.

The Argentine then drops to the floor, holding his stomach, and rolling around as though he’d received a haymaker from a heavyweight boxer.

Ronaldo then seems to grab his ear, and Dani Carvajal pokes him in the back of his head, causing Mascherano to contort and spasm. Rolling around as though he’s in agony and holding his face.

Come on Javier, you’re better than that.

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