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14th Feb 2016

VIDEO: Jack Butland’s girlfriend doesn’t seem too happy about their Valentine’s Day plans

Relationship goals

Ben Kiely

Who said men can’t multi-task?

Anyone with a better half/ball and chain will be aware that it is Valentine’s Day. The drawback of the most romantic day of the year falling on a Sunday is that it clashes with a particularly stacked Sabbath for sports fans.

Not only is the Six Nations now in full swing, but there’s also three Premier League matches and a boatload of GAA to keep an eye on as if this sporting feast was orchestrated to ensure that sighs and passive aggressive ‘I’m fine’s reach I can’t believe you forgot about our six week anniversary levels.

That’s not even a real anniversary, but I digress.

It seems as though Jack Butland will be doing a lot of making up for what he made his girlfriend endure on Sunday. The Stoke City goalkeeper uploaded a humorous video to Instagram of him dual-screening the sporting action, with a laptop showing the football, the rugby on the TV, and a less than-impressed looking girlfriend sitting beside him on the couch.


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