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08th Jul 2015

VIDEO: Brazil football legend Rivaldo returns to action at 43

Never too old to kick ball

Kevin McGillicuddy

The president will be happy

And why would the president of Brazil second division side Mogi Mirim be especially pleased to see Rivaldo back on the field again at the age of 43?

Surely the club can hardly be that stuck that they had to raid the local old-folks home for a player well past his best?

Well because Rivaldo is the president of the club, and he’s declared himself an inspiration after he played in last night’s clash with Nautico.

The former Barcelona man was one of the world’s very best players (when he wasn’t feigning injuries at World Cup’s) but pretty much strolled around sixty minutes in the 2-1 win, which was achieved after he was subbed off around the hour mark when his team trailed 1-0.

However he is likely to take some of the credit, as the win was the club’s first in 11 games, so even his mere presence in boots may have helped the team.

That’s even despite missing a sitter in the opening minutes.

Speaking afterwards the former Brazil international was full of praise…for himself,

“After one year and three months, I started training back again and went out to play at a match after just 20 days and that inspires any younger player.”

“I helped the team get out of this predicament. We are still in a difficult situation and we are doing our best to get out of it.“

H/T to The Guardian

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