Premier League star joins local lads' 7-a-side game in remarkable turn of events 3 years ago

Premier League star joins local lads' 7-a-side game in remarkable turn of events

The last thing you expect is a Premier League footballer to show up at your 7-a-side game with the lads.

It can be difficult to organise a game of football with your friends. Lads have different demands, commitments and pressures on their shoulders.

Any time you succeed in arranging a game is a good day.

Any time a Premier League footballer invites himself along and joins in the fun is a great day.

That's exactly what happened to a few lads from Bournemouth, on Tuesday night, when Tyrone Mings invited himself, and Yeovil town defender, Omar Sowunmi, to their game of football.

Mings only made five appearances for Bournemouth in the Premier League, this season, so it's no wonder he's so mad to get some game time.

The 23-year-old full-back may have been disappointed with the lack of opportunities he received for the Cherries this season and, starved of action, was just eager to play some football again.

Some opportunistic Bournemouth lads chanced their arm in inviting him down to their 7-a-side game on Tuesday night.


The lads would hardly have expected the 6ft 5in giant to actually show up, but show up is what he did in a remarkable turn of events.

Mings seemed to have a great time with the lads, and he tweeted his gratitude to them for inviting him down.

Isn't it hugely refreshing to see the defender just wanting to 'go kick some ball.' Mings showed that there still is some magic in the beautiful game.

For some players, it's not all about the money.

Many Bournemouth fans tweeted their approval of the young man's humble gesture. Cherries supporters were proud of him.

Someone buy that man a pint.