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08th May 2015

TWEET: Jonathan Walters takes on trolls after airing his political views on UK election

Get the tin hat Johnny

Kevin McGillicuddy

David Cameron loves the footie as we know

We have good time for Jonathan Walters, who if we’re honest is probably one of our favourite Republic of Ireland players. He’s worked bloody hard to become a Premier League regular,and has been a key part of Mark Hughes’ Stoke team this season, as they’re on course for a record finish in the Premier League.

But he’s angered the Twitter trolls this afternoon with a tweet endorsing another five year term for David Cameron as British Prime Minister

Stoke wouldn’t exactly be a Tory heartland and the responses came in thick and fast to the striker,and they used less than parliamentary language

Walters did respond to one troll in the last few minutes but we don’t think it’s going to calm anyone down


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