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19th Oct 2022

Thomas Frank and Graham Potter interview each other ahead of Brentford v Chelsea

Robert Redmond

Thomas Frank Graham Potter

“Why are you changing your formation so many times?”

Thomas Frank and Graham Potter interviewed each other ahead of Brentford versus Chelsea in the Premier League on Wednesday night.

On Amazon Prime Video’s coverage of the fixture, the rival managers were given the rare opportunity to ask each other questions ahead of their contest.

“While we’ve got you, Thomas – I don’t know if it’s fair or not, but if there was one question that you could ask this man ahead of kick-off, what would it be?” presenter Simon Thomas asked the Brentford manager.

“First, I would praise Graham a lot,” Frank began.

“I think it’s a fantastic journey he’s been on, and I’m so happy that a coach has been walking the long way gets a chance at a top six club, and I think Graham has shown his qualities hugely. I’ve no doubt that he’ll do a good job at Chelsea.

“But if I was to ask him one question – why are you changing your formation so many times?”

“Good question, good question,” Potter responded.

“Well, we don’t really see the formation as the end goal, we see how the team is playing. The team needs to look consistent regardless of the formation and then it’s about the personnel, how you want to attack the opponent, and how you want to defend against the opponent. I suppose those are the things we consider. But hopefully, there are things that look the same, even though the shape changes.

The Chelsea manager was then given the opportunity to ask Frank a question in return.

Potter asked the Brentford boss about what he felt was the major change between competing in the Championship and in the Premier League.

“It has to be a serious one because you asked me a serious one… (What is) the biggest difference from the Championship to the Premier League?

“The pace of the game,” Frank said.

“I would say, the quality of the players is crazy, you can make minor mistakes and you just get punished so much more. The speed of the game and it’s more of the modern game playing in the Premier League – there are so many changes, formation shifts in the game, a lot of teams are doing that more and more, so big challenge.”

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