Thierry Henry returns to MNF with brutal joke at Carragher's expense 2 years ago

Thierry Henry returns to MNF with brutal joke at Carragher's expense

Back with a bang

Everybody knows the first hour of Monday Night Football, when Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, a guest or a combination of all three analyse the weekend's football with presenter Dave Jones, is the best bit.


The matches that follow often underwhelm but giving pundits an hour to analyse matches in greater detail provides football obsessives with the content they crave.

This week's guest is Thierry Henry, who made his return to Sky's football coverage after two years out of the media game, pursuing a managerial career.

The former Arsenal man has not enjoyed much success in the dugout, recently returning from Montreal for personal reasons, but he has not lost his sense of humour.

Henry appeared on the show alongside mainstay Jamie Carragher. The pair enjoyed numerous battles during the peak Barclays era of the Premier League, with Henry often getting the better of Liverpool's defence.


Referencing his dominance on the pitch, Henry said he was pleased to be back, "happy to see Jamie two metres away from me, like in the game."

Carragher took the joke with good humour, thankfully.


Also, how weird is it to see the pundits in their casual wear in the studio? Extremely unsettling. Like seeing your school teacher in the supermarket.