REVEALED: Why Jamie Vardy wears that blue bandage on his arm 7 years ago

REVEALED: Why Jamie Vardy wears that blue bandage on his arm

One of the great mysteries* of the last Premier League season has been solved.

You know you're famous when even a look-a-like has your characteristics down to a tee, including your most famous accessory.


Jamie Vardy celebrated along with the rest of his Leicester City team-mates after the Foxes were declared Premier League champions.

In fact they were declared champions in Vardy's kitchen, as the squad got together to watch Spurs draw at Chelsea.


The 29-year-old scored 22 goals last season, and was part of England's squad at the Euros.

During those league-clinching celebrations, Vardy was spotted with his look-a-like, who in his quest to be more Vardy-like, even managed to get his hands on a blue bandage around his right wrist.

When the look-a-like showed up in full Leicester gear on the team bus the actual Vardy showed his trademark charm and called him a 'full kit wanker'.


But what's the story with that famous bandage on his right wrist?

Why, despite having broken his wrist way back in September 2015 in the 3-2 win over Aston Villa, is he still wearing it all these months later?

Well, according to the Leicester Mercury, it all goes back to the days when he was a far less-prolific striker and a day trip to Blackpool around three years ago.


The newspaper claims that Vardy tried to test his punching power on one of the amusements at the seaside resort, and when hitting the punching bag, followed through and smacked his wrist into the backboard, and broke a bone in his right hand.

It's understood that last September's broken bone against Villa aggravated the old injury, and that Vardy wears the cast as a precaution for any further damage, as he has not had a chance for the bones to set properly with a full-cast.

He has little time to rest since. Vardy told the BBC over the summer that he now considers the protective bandage as somewhat of a good luck charm.


So perhaps in future there may be no blue bandage on that famous right wrist, or, now it has become something of a charm, the striker may continue to wear it proudly to remind him of this incredible campaign.

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