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03rd Jun 2016

The man responsible for *THAT* Harry Kane rap returns to honour another Spurs star

Has he got a tribute for every player in the Tottenham team?

Simon Lloyd

David Bowie, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, MC Saundierez… some of the finest song-writers to have ever graced the world we live in.

Unlike the other three, Saundierez’s work is based entirely around football – specifically Tottenham players.

With Spurs pushing Leicester for the Premier League title a few weeks back, his moving tribute to Harry Kane,You just got Kaned, swept the internet.

With the season done, many of us weren’t expecting to hear any more from Birmingham-based Saundierez, real name Rob Saunders, over the summer months.

We were wrong.

With the Spurs squad diverging for international duty or well-earned pre-season breaks, the MC has returned with a new song, this time honouring Belgian international Mousa Dembele.

With plenty of reference to Dembele’s physical prowess, the stand out lyrics include ‘Come at me again and you’re going in a wheelchair, permanently injured – Jack Wilshere,’ and ‘Emperor in midfield just call him Cesar, man’s just as solid as a fridge-freezer.’

We’re not yet sure if his latest offering will be enough to secure him an Ivor Novello award but in his own words, Saundierez has once again ‘turned the grime scene into a crime scene’ with his infectiously catchy performance.

There’s no denying that.


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