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26th Nov 2014

Teacher wants to use Football Manager as part of the curriculum

Fantastic news for kids, if it comes to pass

Sean Nolan

How good would this be?

We don’t know about you but we spent vast amounts of time on computer games when we should have been doing homework. From Mario Kart to FIFA, we knew far more about Ghost Valley 1 than we did about how actual valleys are formed. Yes, we failed geography.

Anyway, some fantastic folks at a teacher’s conference in Scotland want to bring gaming into the classroom, and even make it part of the curriculum.

As reported by the Evening Express. at the Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education meeting, President Iain Stanger told the conference that the likes of Minecraft, Wii Fit and Just Dance could all have applications in the classroom but it was a suggestion for arguably the greatest game of them all from another teacher that is sure to bring most joy to football-mad pupils.

Len Almond told the conference: “Games such as Football Manager are a very good way to get people to understand football and the role it has in our society.”

Indeed, how else would we know exactly who the 12 best left-back prospects from Luxembourg are?

And if it does happen kids, check out our all-time Football Manager XI right here. We’re here to help

Hat-tip to The Telegraph

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