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07th Aug 2018

TalkSport presenter tears into Arsenal fans in explosive rant

Jack O'Toole

TalkSport Drive presenter Adrian Durham tore into Arsenal fans for their reaction to the news that majority club owner Stan Kroenke intends to buy minority owner Alisher Usmanov’s 30% stake in the club.

The sale would allow Kroenke to force any other shareholders to sell their stock for a fee with his company Kroenke Sports & Entertainment intending to acquire the remaining shares.

The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust said the news marked ‘a dreadful day’ for Arsenal Football Club and added that Kroenke’s forced purchase will neuter fans voice and involvement.

A statement from the trust read: “Stan Kroenke taking the club private will see the end of supporters owning shares in Arsenal and their role upholding custodianship values.

“The most dreadful part of this announcement is the news that Kroenke plans to forcibly purchase the shares held by Arsenal fans.

“Many of these fans are AST members and hold their shares not for value but as custodians who care for the future of the club. Kroenke’s actions will neuter their voice and involvement.

“The AST is wholly against this takeover. Arsenal remains too important to be owned by any one person.”

Durham blasted Arsenal fans for their reaction to the news and said that they were ‘the most boring, self-centered, self-indulgent, pompous load of prats’ he had come across.

“I honestly don’t care about the Arsenal ownership situation,” said Durham.

“Arsenal fans, you lot, are the most boring, self-centered, self-indulgent, pompous load of prats I’ve ever come across. If it’s not [Arsene] Wenger out, it’s got to be Kroenke out. Usmanov could take over and it would be Usmanov out.

“Why don’t you get behind your players for a change? Why don’t you get behind your team for a change. I’m so annoyed with Arsenal fans, they’re not happy unless they’re crying or moaning about something.

“Just get behind the team and see what happens. It’s a new era, why is anyone bothered? Do you think Arsenal are going to go bust? No they’re not going to go bust.

“Whether Kroenke is in charge, or whoever is in charge, they’re not going to go bust. That just will not happen so what’s the problem?”