Seamus Coleman reveals what current Everton player would make a good Gaelic footballer 1 year ago

Seamus Coleman reveals what current Everton player would make a good Gaelic footballer

From the hills of Donegal to captaining his country and Everton, Seamus Coleman is one of the best sporting success stories to come out of Ireland.

His determination, work rate and modesty are key components to his longevity at the premier level of soccer but, before he was leading out the Toffees at a packed Goodison Park, he was kicking the ball over the bar for his beloved Killybegs.


Despite prioritising Gaelic football in his early years, Coleman made the decision to give his full attention to soccer in the hope of carving a career out of it, and he didn't do half bad.

Speaking at the launch of SPAR's Better Choices campaign, the Premier League right back revealed which current Everton player would be best equipped to try their hand at Gaelic football.

"I would say Jordan Pickford would be good, he's a bit of a mad man in goals, he has the handling skills and has got a very good left foot.

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"He's not slow as well for a keeper, he's actually quite fast, so I would say he would be all right. I would definitely go with Jordan Pickford.

"Where would I play him though, does Gaelic even have positions anymore? It's just everyone behind the ball and then they break.

"I don't know where I would play him, I was going to say corner forward or half forward, but then it's not like it used to be so I don't know, it's not the same game I left 15 years ago."


Then to flip the question on its head, the Killybegs native was asked if any of the Donegal players could have made it in the world of professional soccer.

"I know back in the day Frank McGlynn was over in England a few times, and maybe had trials and stuff like that, but I wouldn't know them well enough to know who had a good chance at the soccer, but listen - they're doing well enough at the Gaelic.

"They have a few Ulster titles behind them and I'm sure they're happy enough with the sport that they're in."