"Homebird" Seamus Coleman just wants to get back playing GAA when he retires 7 years ago

"Homebird" Seamus Coleman just wants to get back playing GAA when he retires


Family, friends, community, club.


Seamus Coleman might be one of the finest right backs on the planet. He might be a millionaire soccer player and he might well be going to France with his country in the summer but he's still just a club man.

He's such a club man that he has no other intention of doing anything when he retires but returning home to play with Killybegs again.


The Donegal man was a serious talent with the O'Neill's ball back in his day and it's been said that only a career in soccer deprived him of being part of Jim McGuinness' All-Ireland crusade in 2012. He's done alright with his own career so far though but the 27-year-old is eyeing a return to his GAA roots when he's retired.

In an interview with the Irish Times, Coleman said that he enjoys the close-knit club feel of Everton and that there is no doubt he'll be returning to south Donegal one day. League of Ireland isn't even on his thinking though - as long as he can play Gaelic Football again.


''I’m definitely going home, I’m a homebird. I’ll go back to Killybegs when I finish but I think it’ll be a case of playing for Killybegs GAA and St Catherine’s, the local [soccer] club. I don’t know about the League of Ireland," he said.

''Everton’s a real family-orientated club and back home the GAA club I’ve been involved with is also like that – close-knit, warm. There are similarities, yeah."

Coleman will be thrilled to learn that he made our All-Star team of players that could've made it in the GAA if it wasn't for that bleedin' foreign sport.



The Everton star took his hero status to a whole new level last week when he waited around for over 20 minutes taking photos and signing autographs with and for club fans. And, whilst that humble, good-natured personality is admirable, the Irish full back nearly detracts from his own talent when he suggests that he is where he is because of determination.

Determination he learned from GAA. But, let us tell you Seamus, it's added with serious talent.

"My Gaelic background and Sligo Rovers – that gave me the will to never give up," he told the Irish Times. "I’m always willing to learn. I don’t have the talent of Ross Barkley or Romelu Lukaku but I have determination. That’s my attribute, but there are others in Ireland with different attributes.''