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27th Apr 2015

Scottish footballer apologies to teammate for impaling him with a spike

Sure it's just a scratch

Kevin McGillicuddy

Once you say sorry that makes everything ok

If you make a mistake the manly thing to do is to own up,take your punishment and let it be a lesson to you.

Footballers generally don’t tend to say sorry half often enough for some of the stupid things they do on and off the pitch, but there was no way that impaling a teammate with a metal spike wasn’t going to deserve a massive apology

According to the Guardian St Mirren captain Steven Thompson has had to dig out the chocolates and flowers for an incident when he lodged a training pole into the thigh of teammate John McGinn.

The club captain was unhappy with McGinn robbing him of possession in a challenge game at training, and took revenge afterwards in the worst prank gone wrong since the air-gun incident at Chelsea.

The pole buried itself in his thigh and he’s been¬†naturally ruled out of action for three weeks.

The club captain is reported to have apologies to his stricken team-mate,

‘I’ve been shocked by it, to be honest, really down about it. I like a laugh and a joke in training, but for something like this to happen is just unbelievable.

‘The pole went about a centimetre into his leg and he’s obviously got quite a bad injury. The word seems to be he’ll be out for around three weeks.’

‘I think he’s torn his muscle slightly and, while he needs to make sure it heals properly, there isn’t going to be any long-term damage.’

‘I’m just mortified by the whole thing. It was a daft prank. It wasn’t like I threw the pole out of anger or anything like that. That’s not what happened.’

I threw it for a laugh, stupid me trying to be funny, and unfortunately it’s anything but. It’s a total disaster.

We were hoping that Thompson’s apology was going to be something like this

but it seems he’s actually a decent blo

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