Ryan Reynolds makes Premier League promise to Wrexham supporters 1 month ago

Ryan Reynolds makes Premier League promise to Wrexham supporters

Reynolds is aiming high.

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds has promised Wrexham fans that he will take them to the Premier League.


The National League side have made headlines around the world ever since Reynolds and fellow actor Rob McElhenney bought the club in 2021.

Wrexham are currently top of England's fifth tier, three points clear of Notts County, and promotion would be their first major piece of success since their takeover.

They're also preparing to take on Championship opposition in the fourth round of the FA Cup when they host Sheffield United on Sunday, but Reynolds is aiming to go even higher.

He toldĀ ESPN: "We want to walk the walk, even as a fifth-tier club. We say this all the time, but we want to be in the Premier League, as crazy as that sounds to some people.


"If it is theoretically possible to go from the fifth tier in professional football all the way to the Premier League, why wouldn't we do that? Why wouldn't we use our last drop of blood to get there? We're in it for the ride. This is a multi-decade project."

Ryan Reynolds

Several clubs have tried to do so in the past, but with the gulf in finances between England's top flight and the lower leagues getting bigger by the day, it is often a rarity.

Salford City, owned by the Class of 92, are another club have ambitions of one day playing in the Premier League but as of now, have been stuck in League Two since getting promoted in 2019.


Reynolds has gone on record to emphasise his passion and desire for the club and the positive effect that owning Wrexham has had on his life.

"Two years ago, I didn't have this kind of passion for the sport, and in some ways, I see it as a plague," he added.

"In other ways, I see it as the greatest introduction that's ever been made to me, at least from a sports perspective. It's wild. I wish it didn't dominate as many of my thoughts and deeds as it does these days, but you don't make anything great without enthusiasm, they say."

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