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19th Aug 2023

Roy Keane hits Man United with worst criticism imaginable after callow defeat to Tottenham

Lee Costello

Roy Keane

“Desperate, absolutely desperate.”

Roy Keane hits Man United with the worst criticism imaginable after their crushing defeat to Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.

United got off to a good start in the first half, but Tottenham really took control afterwards, and completely dominated the game in a fashion that would worry United fans.

The Red Devils were particularly poor in midfield as Mason Mount struggled in his new deeper role, while Antony and Marcus Rashford couldn’t get into the match at all.

It was a very frustrating watch, and Keane could not hide his disappointment as he went after just about eery player in his post-match analysis.

“I think Man United are the new Spurs,” declared Keane.

“Desperate, absolutely desperate. The biggest insult… I always think about teams. Teams who can’t do it away from home, or players who aren’t up for it away from home.

“They are a good team, they fancy it when their home fans are in front of them, they have got that support and that energy, but United go away today, second half – weak, no leadership, gave bad goals away.

“Spurs were lovely, all credit to Spurs, but it’s easy to play against Man United also. I said before the game that they were poor last weak against Wolves but they got the result, and that they would be better today, and they weren’t.

“They were fine for the first half an hour, but the game is well over 90 minutes, you’re obviously not going to dominate for that long, but you got to show some belief, fire, fight – they’re bringing on Martial, bringing on these players , you may as well bring on Frank Stapleton and Norman Whiteside, Martial is not going to get you out of trouble.”

It wasn’t just the substitutes, but the players who started and had performed so well last season that annoyed Keane with their performance today.

“Rashford played up through the middle again, the usual stuff, he’s like a child up there, he’s not happy when he’s playing up through the middle.

“His body language, his first few touches, it all suggests that he doesn’t want to play through the middle, but you have to, you got to do a job for the team tonight.

“You’re looking at their captain tonight, the senior players, established international players – easy to play against, that’s the biggest insult I can give them.”

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