Roy Keane on the verge of giving up on it all during leg-shaving debate 9 months ago

Roy Keane on the verge of giving up on it all during leg-shaving debate

Sometimes you might think that something could be classified as normal behaviour until a glance from Roy Keane swiftly puts paid to those notions.

If it wasn't bad enough that the Irish legend had to watch a completely uninspired Liverpool stutter in their first Champions League game of the season, but he then had to listen to Lee Dixon try to normalise the idea of a footballer shaving his legs.

Marco Asensio didn't play during Real Madrid's 3-0 victory over APOEL Nicosia on Wednesday night owing to an infected pimple incurred during a session... of leg-shaving.

You'd think you wouldn't be able to make up such a story in the first place - a footballer out with a pimple injury because of a leg-shaving incident - but then you ask why and how on earth did this story get out in the first place? Who thought it would be okay to release this information to the world? You couldn't have just said he had a dead leg?

And don't for one second try to make out like it's not a big deal because that's when more and more people prop up doing the same sort of stuff and that's where Roy Keane wants to get off this planet.

He did well to bite his tongue but he didn't do the same when he had to talk about Liverpool.


Eamon Dunphy delivered probably the best verdict of the night when he questioned why everyone in the world can see the problem with the team and Klopp apparently can't.

Roy Keane also doesn't believe the Merseysiders can go too far in their current state. Yes, they can score goals but, Christ, they can leak them like nothing normal too.

Losing the 2-1 lead against Sevilla was just characteristic of them right now in the eyes of the Irish assistant.

"This sums up Liverpool in a nutshell, why they are not going to win anything," he said on ITV.

"From a throw-in, just switching off, in an important game at an important moment.

"It must drive the manager crazy as that is schoolboy defending."

Everyone agrees that attacking and scoring is the toughest part of the game so why don't they just sort it out at the back?

"Liverpool do all the hard stuff really well in terms of creating chances, pace, power and a bit of quality going forward, but the easiest part of football is being switched on defensively and Liverpool don’t seem to be able to do it," Keane said.

"Win the Premier League or Champions League? Liverpool? Forget about it.

"I think they have enough to get through the group, but in the later stages against Real Madrid and all these boys, they will be laughing at Liverpool."


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