Eamon Dunphy deserves credit for calling out Jurgen Klopp on his biggest weakness 9 months ago

Eamon Dunphy deserves credit for calling out Jurgen Klopp on his biggest weakness

It's easy to have a pop at Eamon Dunphy.

It's easy to love Jurgen Klopp.

One man is controversial, he's contrarian, he's taken things so far to the extent where he'd call Cristiano Ronaldo a con artist.

The other sets up the most exciting football teams in the world and he does it all through laughs, hugs and impeccable integrity.

But there are some bare facts which can't be ignored. Dunphy said it himself, "this guy isn't idiot". And he's right, Klopp isn't an idiot but why on earth can't he see what everyone else sees in Alberto Moreno?

Why wouldn't he keep playing Milner there if he didn't want to sign anyone? Why would he not just play his bloody signing Andy Robertson is he was going to sign him?

And why, for the love of Christ, when you're so obviously improving Liverpool in some ways, would you not go about solving the defensive problems right across that entire unit, the same problems that have been there for far too long?


The van Dijk deal fell through, okay. What was the next alternative? Klopp spotted that they needed a centre back but just didn't think they needed one that much. They've needed a goalkeeper ever since they allowed Pepe Reina out the gates and the Spaniard is still only 35. He could've been playing all these years they've been floundering around from mishap to catastrophe but, like most seasons, Liverpool never identify those urgent crisis points.

Klopp deserves some credit for what he's done already with this group but he equally deserves criticism for failing to deal with the big issues at hand.

He'll have been Liverpool manager for two years come next month and they look no stronger in the backline.

After their 2-2 draw with Sevilla, Eamon Dunphy was at a loss to explain the inaction on the German's part. Sorting the defence is the easiest, most fundamental thing in the game - but Klopp doesn't seem to want to do it. And the RTÉ panel's judgement was fully justified on Wednesday night.


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