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30th Jun 2024

“No point being successful if you can’t make time for people” – Roy Keane gives Gary Neville a lesson

Ronan Calvert

Roy Keane Neville

It’s a good thing these lads don’t stick to football.

Sky Sports product ‘The Overlap‘ has captured the imagination of football fans in a way maybe not seen since the glory days of Soccer AM.

The show, anchored by Gary Neville, brings the biggest voices in football together, with Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher, Ian Wright and Jill Scott mainstays on its leading Stick To Football podcast

It’s proving a raving success and not least because of the relationships between the Premier League legends.

The bromance of Keane and Wright is as heartwarming as you’ll find, and then there’s the usual banter between Neville and Carragher.

But a theme that is proving more interesting than any is Keane’s dislike of Neville’s business-obsessed approach to daily life.

Keane previously warned Neville that he was going to burn himself out if he didn’t slow down, but a few months later it seems that the Corkman’s advice was not taken on board.

In this week’s edition, Keane again criticised Neville for always being unavailable for coffee and other social meetings.

“You spend your time sending 200 emails,” said Keane. “Do you know what I mean?

“There’s no point in being successful if you can’t find time for people.”

“There’s no point having millions in the bank. This is not success in life,” he added.

“People say ‘I’ve made a fortune’, but if you can’t find the time for your friends and your family, forget about it!”

Wright and Scott were both in firm agreement about Neville’s time management, and Keane reinforced the point by asking Scott whether he, unlike Neville, has ever let her down for coffee.

“Jill, you ask people to meet you for coffee. Who shows up?”

“You. To be fair Roy, you’re so good,” she responded.

“If you say half ten you’re there at half ten”

Satisfied that his point had been made, Keane added: “I find time for people”

It’s not the first time this week that Keane has earned praise for his comments on the show.

Yesterday, he earned credit by holding his hands up to admit that some of his criticism of Manchester United defender Harry Maguire crossed the line.

“I remember one time I kind of mocked him a little bit and that is definitely out of order.

“I crossed the line and listen, I played the game, I know it’s not easy.

“But I’m also big enough that I apologised to him. Sometimes we pundits get it wrong too.”

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