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26th Jun 2024

Roy Keane recalls hilarious time he was invited to Brian Clough’s house

Jacob Entwhistle

He reminisced on a story on this week’s episode of The Overlap

Roy Keane and Brian Clough are two legendary figures who worked together in the Irishman’s early footballing days as he learned his trade at Nottingham Forest.

A Nottingham Forest icon, Clough was renowned for his old-school management methods and Keane shared a hilarious story on the time he was invited to Clough’s house before he made his Forest debut.

Speaking on the Overlap, Keane stated:

“The reserve teams were playing Monday night and then Forest, the first team were away to Liverpool on Tuesday. Liverpool were obviously really strong at the time and I was sub for the reserves on Monday night and I was delighted, I thought sub for the reserves, brilliant, progress already.

“I’ve only just come over, I get on for about ten minutes in the reserve match and apparently some of the staff, Brian Clough, they had already left with ten minutes to go, so I played ten minutes in reserves.

“I was delighted and I came in on the Tuesday morning and I was told you’re going up to Liverpool tonight. You’re following them up with Roy Fenton and Brian Clough. We picked Clough up on the way, from Derby to Liverpool.”

Ian Wright jokingly replied: “In the car?”

“Yeah. Me, Phil Starbuck, and Roy Fenton was the assistant manager. We picked Brian Clough at his house. We go in, I remember sitting in his house and he comes down and he says, I remember he gave me a pint of milk, but I thought I’m going up.”

Jill Scott laughing asks Keane: “A pint of milk?”

Keane replies: “I thought I’m going up with the experience of being with the first team and I helped the kit man. We see lots of clubs do that with young players. I said I don’t like milk. He says, ‘you better drink that, I’m putting the bottles out.’

“So I didn’t know what the deal is with him and then I went up and met the players and I got the stadium at Liverpool, I was putting the gear out with the kit-man.

“Brian Clough goes ‘what are you doing’, I said ‘I’m just putting the gear out’. He went no, you’re wearing that tonight!”

Wright intrigued by the always excellent storytelling Keane responds: “Did you start?”

“I started at Liverpool on the Tuesday night.”

What a way to kickstart your career. A brilliant story about two legends.

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