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23rd Sep 2023

Roy Keane has interesting take on David Beckham in new documentary

Lee Costello

Roy Keane David Beckham

“I didn’t care what Becks was doing.”

Roy Keane gives an interesting take on his former teammate David Beckham in a new four-part documentary that is airing on Netflix.

The documentary tells the story of the global icon that is Beckham, analysing his life both on and off the field to find out why the Englishman is the most famous footballer on the planet.

Other than the fact that he was captain of England and playing for a dominant Man United team, he was also going out with Victoria Beckham, a Spice Girl that was equally as famous in her pomp.

Along with the status of being a celebrity couple, Beckham dived into the pop culture world head first with extravagant outfits, haircuts and advertising deals.

United manager Alex Ferguson revealed that he felt the celebrity side of Beckham’s life started to become a distraction, and they moved him on to Real Madrid, and many football fans shared that opinion.

Keane however, who was captain of the United team that helped Beckham rise to stardom, has a different point of view, which he reveals on the doc.

“Becks was a bit younger, from London, he loved his gear, he loved his cars,” said Keane.

“But what you’d always look for, in any player coming into the first team, particularly young players – they’ll have hobbies, they’ll have things they like – but the key for me was, when I was watching a young player, I’d watch them closely – and Becks being one of them – are they training properly?

“Are they giving everything for the cause in terms of their training, on a matchday and Becks done that. So, I didn’t care what Becks was doing, good luck to him.

“If I thought the cars and whatever else he was doing was becoming a distraction – then you’d pull a young player and go ‘listen remember what your priority is’.

“But I don’t think I once, ever, fell out with Becks about anything because I just thought he turned up every day and put a shift in.”

BECKHAM is set to air on Netflix October 4th 2023.

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