English reaction to Roy Keane was unanimous 7 months ago

English reaction to Roy Keane was unanimous

Roy Keane was like a man waiting for this one.

The Cork man stuck to his guns like he always does throughout the course of this World Cup and his weapons were on the English for three full weeks.

"England have already won the tournament, according to these lads down here," he said bluntly in the direction of his ITV colleagues after their second round defeat of Panama.

With our neighbours finally shot down by Croatia in the semi-final, you'd think Keano would be resting on his laurels and ceasing fire.

Some chance of that. Instead he's confirmed that he just can't help himself as he went in all guns blazing yet again. Rather than easing off, he gone in hell for leather on the English once more.

"You were talking about the final," he cranked at Ian Wright, Gary Neville and Lee Dixon in the ITV studios.

"Thinking about where the parades were. You need a reality check," he moaned.

At least Gordan Strachan enjoyed it.

Keane's reaction divided the masses on Wedensday night. A whole host of Irish revelled in Keane's rage. They too agreed that the Three Lions had become far too big for their own boots and that this comeuppance was well warranted.

On the other hand, many felt that it was just a case of the Republic of Ireland's best ever player taking things too seriously once again. Ian Wright's assertion that our neighbours were only having the craic and enjoying themselves went down a lot better with those.

Unsurprisingly, there was a unanimous verdict on Keano across the water. The English reaction to the 46-year-old's rant was captured in a nutshell by British Labour Party politician and former leader of the opposition Ed Miliband.

"Roy Keane is just awful I am sorry," he tweeted.

That tweet was liked over 7500 times.

Others went into more detail.