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14th Jan 2015

Ronaldo – the real Ronaldo – looking to come out of retirement and play ball again

Oh my

Conan Doherty

Football fans’ ears perking up left, right and centre right about now.

News that Ronaldo is looking to come out of retirement after a four-year hiatus from the game he made so beautiful has us frothing at the mouth.

Maybe it’s because he was growing tired of his namesake Cristiano winning so many Ballon d’Or titles. Maybe he wants to shed a few pounds or maybe he just couldn’t stay away. But the Brazilian is aiming for a comeback and he’s going to do it in America with the new team he recently became part-owner of, Fort Lauderdale Strikers.

The 38-year-old legend bought the NASL side last week and, this morning, he revealed to Sports Illustrated that his involvement won’t be strictly in the boardroom.

“I will try to play some games,” he said. “This year I want to train a lot. The last three years I didn’t because I was too busy in other stuff. Maybe if we get to the final and I’m feeling good, why not? I will put my name in the NASL as an option.”

The look on the poor striker’s face when he sees Ronaldo has suddenly brought his football boots for cup final day.

“I can’t be a manager, because I think it’s too tough managing 30 players thinking in different ways,” he continued. “I think being an owner is a good way to teach our players now the way I won. It’s a new challenge for me. It’s a great opportunity to manage as an owner of a great team.

“The Fort Lauderdale Strikers is a team with history, tradition. Soccer in America is growing, so I think it’s a great opportunity.”

Sure, any old excuse to reel out his best bits…