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22nd Feb 2015

Ronaldo is coming out of retirement to play for an American team

Don't call it a comeback

Robert Redmond

Ronaldo is set to come out of retirement.

Yes, that’s right, 38 year old Ronaldo is looking to trim down and play his first professional game in almost four years.

The Brazilian has said he will line out for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, the North American Soccer League team he part owns, should they reach the semi-finals of the NASL championship.

‘It’s going to happen. It’s what I said. But it will be later in the semi-finals,’ Ronaldo said. The former Brazil striker bought a stake in the team, who compete in the second tier of American soccer, last year.

Ronaldo admitted to a Brazilian website that he’ll have to undergo a strict diet to get if he’s any chance of playing.

‘For now we are organizing it, but I’ll have a goal (weight).’